Brexit? Saving Western civilisation? Rubbish, it’s running away

Brexit? Saving Western civilisation? Rubbish, it’s running away.

  • It’s abandoning friends on the Continent!

  • And at a difficult time, thus appeasing extremists.

  • It’s a crazy idea backed in the UK by an unholy alliance of moronic xenophobes at one end and “bright” should-know-better blinkered toffs at the other.

  • Above all it’s a political thing, not merely economic.


The ship of fools, by Jheronimus Bosch

The ship of fools *oil on panel *57,9 x 32,6 cm *circa 1494 or later

Hieronymous Bosch,c1490-1500, Ship of fools

 ah-art bruegel 1568 The Parable of the Blind Leading the Blind Naples

Pieter Bruegel the Elder, 1568, The Parable of the Blind Leading the Blind


Brexit is an historic encounter for the country? A once in 50 years event, with historic ramifications.

The Leave team is an unholy alliance of the moronic nutters, and the well-credentialled should-know-better nutters, but all narrow minded together.

Thus on one side are the small minded, xenophobic, head in the sand nostalgic Little Englanders, analogous to the various narrow minded Right Wing quasi-fascist anti-immigration factions in Europe, in France and Germany, and especially in the east.

At the other end are the “bright”, educated, petty, nitpicking Western Values Doomsters (WMD) who should know better, particularly various MPs (like Bonkers Boris, Michel Gove, and the young Rees Mogg, whose father one remembers in London in the 1970s), and also older City financial types and even a few (older?) historians, like David Starkey.

Thus the real problem for the “bright”end – their motive for Leaving – is they basically see Europe and the EU surrendering to Socialism and now in particular Islam, meaning for them political Islam, militant Islamism. Thus in “The Australian” newspaper of June 11-12 we have two articles from this high minded latter group, both framing the problem in terms of a civilizational crisis. Thus, in common with the quasi-Fascist Farage loonies they basically see Islam as a meaningful existential threat, gravely threatening “Western” values.

So the high minded WVD see this as an historic Magna Carta or May 1940 type moment, see Brexit as helping to keep the WV flag flying, see Britain saving the sacred flame of Freedom, bearing in mind too that Britain historically, over many centuries, played a key role – the key role? – in building successful Western liberal democracy.

Thus we have Bonkers Boris recently comparing the EU to Hitler’s and Napoleon’s ambitions (though not long ago he was apparently on precisely other side of fence, seeing EU as the new Rome, minus the gladiators and graphic wild life cull!). Bearing in mind too that BB is a big Churchill fan, no doubt now sees himself in that heroic mold, like WC in 1940, BB saving the day from the demonic pro-EU David Cameron (cf Chamberlain) led Appeasers.

It’s a very big call and it shapes basically as nonsense.

Above all it’s a political thing, not merely economic, though it seems more than likely the Leavers are being much rosier than is warranted on the economic implications of leaving.

The core issue is simply: is the European government / political superstructure today basically that rotten? That detached from its commitment to WV that is it better to be rid of it?

Of course not.

We’re familiar with the terrible events of the 20th C and basically Islamism is not even remotely an existential threat to WV as were Hitler and Stalin, rather one favours the Roman Empire model, or the US model for that matter, ie absorbing immigrants for the greater good.

Yes the recent wave of migration is a problem but provided the incoming numbers aren’t ridiculous it can work, it can be managed. Yes Muslims will be harder than some others to integrate but there is no reason why they won’t integrate if the host governments and societies work at it. By far the greater majority of Muslims are “moderate”, not fifth columnists for radical Islam.

And if integrating the recent wave of Muslims works what message will that send to the radicals?!

So given Europe / EU has NOT sold out, that it remains committed to the importance of the core values of Western civilisation then you can turn the Western Values Doomsters’ argument on its head, argue that they are in fact running away!

Thus they are the ones doing the appeasing, pandering to violent extremists by deserting, abandoning their WV friends and fellow travellers on the Continent, by pulling up the drawbridge, by taking advantage of their geographical advantage.

Beyond the recent road-hump of Muslim migration is the matter of Europe’s long and violent history, across millennia, culminating in the catastrophic climax after 1914. Oh what a price was paid carelessly crossing that line, and is still being paid through the malignant depredations of Russia, a country still plagued by a lingering Soviet mindset, wedded to self-serving mendacity and arbitrary rule.

So the EU above all is a political construct to encourage co-operation among members and a strong collective commitment to “Western” values (ie representative full-franchise democracy, independent rule of law, freedom of expression, movement etc), though not that these values are inherently “Western”. Their relevance is universal. They are labelled “Western” only because for whatever reason that’s where they first emerged, over a long period.

Today Britain – with France and Germany – is one of the big three in the EU, and is important in the EU precisely because of its commitment to Western” values, which is clearly stronger than for France.

Also we face a time when a rising China and a refractory struggling Russia are by no means respecters of “Western” values (notwithstanding China is far more constructive economically than Russia), and when the US is coping with rising isolationism through Trump and others in the Republican Party.

So rather than helping “Western civilisation” the Leavers in Britain only seek to undermine it.



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